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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yas Island Formula One Update

I didn't intend to spoil it for you all that are planning on attending the inaugural Etihad Abu Dhabi Formula One race at the brand spanking new track, but here are some rather blurry photos of the complex at night. Featured is the translucent shroud that partially covers the trackside hotel that magically changes colors ( I can't even imagine how much the tariff is on those rooms per night!). It is the only hotel in the world that has part of the racetrack running through it.

The lights are amazing! I have been watching the testing of them for weeks. Some nights the shroud has bands of contrasting colors pulsating from front to back, like some sort of exotic deep sea animal. I have seen every color of the rainbow represented. It is a very organic shape. Las Vegas can learn some lessons here!

I envy those that will be attending. I was planning to go to the race days and concerts, but I have some good friends from back home due to visit during that time and unfortunately they are not interested and I was not going to abandon them after all the effort they are going through. I have to be a good host. I would rather spend time with them, although next year is a must for me at the races.

Since I have followed the progress of this complex for over a year and have posted some photos in this blog every few months, I am happy to say that it looks like it will be ready for business on-time. I had my doubts earlier this year as the heavy construction cranes just left the site a few months ago and it seemed a Herculean effort would be required to finish in time for the race. From what I see, the management and crew pulled it off with moments to spare. Kudos to them! I am sure that failure was not an option.

So in the last few days of October and the first of November I will be finding excuses to be outside to hear the erotic shriek of high-strung V8's turning 18,000 RPMs and maybe later, if I am lucky, some Aerosmith!


Dave said...

Unfortunately I do not share your optimism regarding this event. The lights look great and the VIP facilities will no doubt be world-class.

The track and technical side of things will probably also be just just fine.

But for the "rank & file" spectators who have purchased the general tickets I would expect poor orgnaisation, unacceptably long queues for drinks and food and total chaos regarding traffic, transportation, entrance and exit.

Having attended several new events over the years I base this comment on experience..... but I hope I am wrong and being a bit too cynical.....

Ace said...

My optimism goes only as far as the race being held on the scheduled date. I had my doubts while watching the construction progress for a year.

I agree that the VIPs, media and F1 teams will not have to experience the difficulties faced by the masses due to unfinished details, untested logistics and infrastructure.

The roads into Yas Island aren't finished yet and that alone should be a nightmare.

This place should have been finished a year ago and several lesser events held there to "debug" it before F1 comes to town.