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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Rant

I don't want to be known as a chronic complainer, but there is one thing I want to get off my chest. The appliances available here designed to wash and dry clothes suck! I bought one of those "All-In-One" contraptions that is a combined washer and dryer. This type of unit seems to be the standard in this part of the world and while it seems to wash OK, the drying function is sorely lacking.

Back in the U.S., the norm is to have a separate washer and dryer. Each one is specially designed to do it's specific job and they do it very well. One only has to transfer the wet washed clothes from the washer to the dryer. When the dryer is done you get nice, dry, unshrunk, wrinkle-free clothes that are ready to be folded and put away. Easy! As a single guy, I like easy when it comes to domestic chores.

The appliance I have now is supposed to perform both functions. Throw the dirty clothes in the front hatch, add detergent, set the knobs and turn it on. It has a lot of settings on it and it is a quite sophisticated machine. The device is of Italian origin, but so far it has been very reliable. It then starts it's programmed cycle of washing, spinning and drying. Sounds simple, huh?

During the spin cycle, it does remind me of a Boeing 747 revving up for takeoff, but I think that is kind of cool except when I am on the phone.

The problem is exposed when the cycle is at the end and the flashing light tells me that the hatch is unlocked and I can remove my rags. What comes out is an example of the worst case of fabric abuse one can imagine. After an hour on "Dry" the clothes are anything but. Not only are they wrinkled beyond description, they are still damp and steaming! I then have to hang them up all over the apartment for drying to complete and I have yet to make friends with an iron. I have tried setting the dryer function for 90 minutes and the clothes do come out dryer but unfortunately are about 2/3rds the size they were the last time I saw them. I think the microwave oven could do a better job. I am tempted!

The U.S. does do some things right. I would give a pinky finger for a nice, big Whirlpool, Maytag or Kenmore dedicated dryer. As far I know these are not available here. Unfortunately, even if I could find one I have no place to put it in the apartment. My current machine occupies a space under the kitchen counter.


giasi said...

I have the same thing. What gets my goat is that it takes ages to dry. Put a couple of towels in there, they take about a week.

I used to have a huge top loading american drier. What a beast that was. Dried ten towels in about 3 seconds. However, it needed its own power plant and occupied a whole room.

Ace said...

I agree! I have to plan two days ahead now for laundry needs whereas with the US equipment everything was done in two hours and the clothes looked better. It was a power hog though.

I think the problem is that American dryers have a port to direct the wet air to the outside and these European units don't so you just get hot, wet, steamy, wrinkled clothes. Like I said,the microwave oven could do better!

Misalyn said...

Hi. First time dropping by here.

I can imagine your face while looking at your laundry and the washing machine. You made me laugh out loud with the Oven thing...I remember myself yesterday, I feel exactly the same thing.

Have a 'wrinkle-free' day.

Nurse on Call

Ace said...

Thanks Misalyn, I am glad I am not the only one. I thought I was doing something wrong.

Wrinkle free is unfortunately not in my future as I have yet to learn how to use an iron in an effective manner.