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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pattaya Thailand

First of all, I have to apologize for not posting in a while. I enjoy writing here and I was shocked at myself when I discovered I haven't written anything here in almost a month.

I have two excuses:

1)I am a lazy bastard that mostly disdains the trivial crap that must be done in everyday life, but has moments of inspiration and motivation to contribute to this blog. Today is such a day.

2) I just got back from spending 9 days in Pattaya, Thailand.

I went to Pattaya with a couple of friends that have been there before. This was my first visit to Siam so I relied on them to show me the ropes. They told me that Pattaya is a very unique place and to be prepared to be open to the experience. I thought "yeah, yeah, I have heard this before".

Well, they were right! This place was unlike anyplace I have ever seen. Pattaya is a resort town situated on the Gulf of Thailand 2 hours by car from Bangkok. The beach there is idyllic with soft white sands, blue waters and beautiful sunsets. It's only when you stray away from the Beach Road that you see the real Pattaya. The streets are literally lined with beer bars, go-go bars, discos and nightclubs. Most of these establishments have ladies sitting outside urging the passers-by to come in and spend some time (and money) with them.

Anyway, without being too specific, I really enjoyed my time in Pattaya. It is the equivalent of a Disneyland for guys. Beer, bands, billiards and stunning women are all in ample supply. The combination of the fantastic scenery, the great food, the relaxed lifestyle and the hospitality of the Thais I met makes Pattaya I place I will return to. It makes Las Vegas, Bourbon Street and Miami Beach look lame in comparison.

If Mom is reading this, I saw a lot of temples and museums during my stay.

A final thought: I know Pattaya is not a true representation of Thailand and I want to return to see more of the country. Like so many others, I am impressed with the country and people. Variety is the spice of life and my visit there provided me with a nice respite from my life in the UAE. The temporary change did me good. Watching the late night thunderstorms from my hotel balcony was a plus!


Anonymous said...

So THATS why my father's father in law goes there once every 2 months!

lol. Well I hope you didnt bring anything back with you. I know many people who have been to Thailand... I'll never go. Nothing I like there.

Next time you could be cool and let me know before you go though, You could pick me up some fake Anime DVDs.

Ace said...

ABIT, I think you broke the code regarding your relative! The flights are always full from here to BKK and back. Sometimes a man has needs.

As always I am careful. No cooties for me!

I bought a fake DVD (Inglorious Basterds)and was disappointed that it didn't have the features that I expected on a DVD. What the hell, it was only 10 Dirhams.

Anime may be different though. I would be glad to pick you up some, but I worry about the legality of importing them into the UAE.

I try to play by the rules as long as I am living here.

Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

LOVED Thailand...was not too far from Pattaya this summer-Ko Samet. Are you sure those were women you were admiring? ;)

Ace said...

The people I went with were experienced in the ways of Pattaya and pointed out some characteristics that expose the "ladyboys" for what they are. I guess one could always do the Crocodile Dundee "grab" to make double sure!

Ko Samet is on my radar screen for a future visit.

Dave said...

Even if you don't seek pleasures of the flesh, the atmosphere in a Thai bar cannot be beaten - cheap drinks, good staff, warm weather, smiling faces, happy folk, good food and generally plenty of sport on TV.

The whole atmosphere on the coast is fantastic. Golden beaches, relaxed shopping and a good Thai massage readily available with or without boom boom.

I have just completed my sixth trip there and can certainly recommend Phuket (Patong Beach) if you enjoy Pattaya....

Anonymous said...

Do I even want to know what a "Ladyboy" is?

Ace said...

Probably not although the name is very descriptive.