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Friday, October 30, 2009

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Where is Robin Leach when you need him?

Pictured is a small flotilla of private yachts owned by well-heeled race fans moored alongside the Yas Island Formula 1 Circuit Complex in Abu Dhabi. To me it looks like the cruise ship terminal in Miami. I can't even imagine having that kind of money or what scruples one has to discard to accumulate such wealth. OK, I may be a bit jealous. Even the huge motorhomes full of drunk rednecks that occupy NASCAR racetrack infields are dwarfed by these vessels.

In the background of the photo, the tall structure you see is the pedestrian walkway from the car park for us common folks........just kidding!

I know a lot of people that are going to the biggest event of the year here and I feel like I will be missing an opportunity as I have other plans and am not attending the race. On the other hand, I just got back a few days ago from London where I saw an American NFL football game at Wembley stadium and I have my temporary quota filled of crowded public venues with all the inconveniences and discomforts. My team lost badly. I have read reports that many logistical details at the Yas Island Circuit have yet to be ironed out.

In addition, the Formula 1 tickets are roughly $400 for two days. I would have been more open to the idea if there were one day tickets for $200 available. Two days are too much. I know there are concerts after the races by world-class performers, but Aerosmith is the only one I care to see.

So, it looks like I will try to catch the race on the telly. The consolation will be that I will have a bathroom available with no queues and cold beer in the refrigerator a mere few steps away, just like the guys on those yachts!


Chuck said...

Wow, those yachts are huge. I remember seeing some yachts when I did a boat ride around Miami a while back that I thought were big...but I don't think they were near that size. Guess I understand that saying now about "if you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it..."

A Blessing in Tragedy said...


I am not going and pity the poor sap who paid to see purpose built cars go around a track.

When they have a race for moded cars racing from the corniche to mussafah in rush hour... then I'll go.

So GOOD FOR YOU for not buying in to this propaganda!

Ace said...

Chuck...I can't even imagine the hourly costs of those things. They are like aircraft, horses (or women) in that the costs continue even when they are idle.

ABIT... I have to admit that modded cars racing balls-out from the Corniche to Mussafah would be more entertaining. We could do it along the Coast Road. Although driving there is "exciting" enough!

Yeah, I will pass on the F1, Too expensive. I heard things are a mess there anyway and I don't need the aggravation, especially after paying $400.

I think I am going to Thailand for a few days and chill.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Thailand AGAIN?

What the hell is wrong with everyone? They keep going back. You sure they dont slip stuff into the water over there?