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Sunday, June 27, 2010

USA Leaves World Cup

And by Ghana!!!!
Switching back to "Not Giving a Shit" mode.


Anonymous said...

You say that as if Ghana isnt a good team.

THere are some African and Asian teams that are very good, but since there are only specific seats available to each continent, you wont get the chance to see them in their light.

I'll say this, the US did decent. They did. But come now, you guys are all about Baseball and the NCAA football.

When we were in the states and played "soccer" in the pitch by our house, we got the You guys do well... for a girl's sport."

The US doent HAVE to be number one at everything.

Anyways, instead of not giviing a shit, why not watch today's game at 6 pm UAE time? Germany Vs. England! Clash of the titans basically! lol You might actualy like it!

Ace said...

I cannot imagine Ghana has the talent pool the USA does. But they won and good on them for that!

Soccer is still considered a "girls'" sport back in the USA despite extreme efforts by some to change that. It just hasn't caught on.

Hell, we still do miles, quarts, feet, yards, and gallons. I cant explain that except for our isolation by two vast oceans and a certain stubbornness by my fellow citizens.

We are all about the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA,and NASCAR.Despite repeated attemtps, soccer has not captured the American sports scene.

I think I will watch the match tonight even though I don't have a dog in the hunt anymore. England v Germany is as good as it gets!

Chuck said...

Sorry to see the US lose but they were definitely outplayed. Germany vs. England was a good game also, but boy did England get killed.

Here is a good World Cup commercial:

邦雄 said...


Ace said...

Chuck, thanks for the link, my English pals appreciated it.