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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sin City

I spent three days in Las Vegas last week. I think that is enough for anyone. It wore me out! 24 hours each day of gambling, eating and drinking takes its toll.

One of the pleasures was taking to the open road in my Mustang GT convertible. Nothing is more American than tooling down a desert interstate highway in a V8 powered Ford at triple digit speeds. It was a fix I needed. I love that car!

One of the first things I saw in Vegas was this:

 Architect's Wet Dream

I don't know if this is a functional office building or a work of art. In either case, I think there was a lot of public tax money wasted.

I stayed at the Golden Nugget hotel downtown on Fremont Street.

 Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino
It is the nicest place in downtown Las Vegas. I like staying downtown versus The Strip because everything is close. You do not have to walk far to other properties.

 The Golden Nugget Hotel's Claim to Fame on Display

 Golden Nugget Shark Tank

My first night I met up with some good friends for dinner. I had a much needed Filet Mignon! We all caught up and it was a good night!

 Mike, Christi and Linda, New Yorkers!

The weather was perfect even though the presenter seemed to be having a bad day.

The next day I kind of slept in but that night I ventured out to Fremont Street.
Here are some scenes from Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas!

 Don't believe for a Moment This is Free!

Ask me how I know!!!!

Sassy Sally

Vegas Vic who is Perched Right Across From Sassy Sally

Mmmmm...foot long dogs, chicken sliders. chocolate covered bananas and deep fried Oreo cookies

I really don't get the last one!

What it is all about

You don't want to be broke in Las Vegas. 

The Las Vegas Club

Above is the LED screen canopy that covers Freemont Street. It can show most any video.


The Plaza

Golden Gate

Used to be the Horseshoe, now it is just Binion"s

The Fremont

I used to look forward to go to Las Vegas for a few days, but something has worn off. I am not much of a gambler so my losses were capped at $100. I had a good time and will be back in the future, but I am just not that excited to go there anymore. It gets old after awhile, just like me.Dammit!


Dave said...

Fantastic Ace. I am also in your great country at the moment.. Nashville TN to be exact, and shall be resident of the MGM Grand for 4 days from tomorrow.... Yahoo!!!

Neil Roberts said...

Loving the LED canopy... and you should probably try the deep fried Oreos - in Scotland they do deep fried mars bars and they are great - all sweet and gooey inside (no smutty comments pls!)

Chuck said...

I liked living in Vegas when I was there OK, but I really don't miss it any now that I'm gone. Hard to explain. I am due for another visit there's probably been 5 years since I've gone. Glad you're having fun on vacation! I always preferred downtown to the Strip myself also. And I do remember driving up to Utah and hitting triple digit speeds a couple times in my pocket rocket.

Misalyn said...

Thanks for sharing those photos Ace. You sound like enjoying your holiday :) Am happy for you.

Wish I could visit Vegas in the near future. My mother-in-law is asking me to visit them but its kinda difficult for me to secure a visa.

韋于倫成 said...

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