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Saturday, May 8, 2010

"There's No Country Like Abu Dhabi"

I was in the navy sometime ago and when we received what were called "Flash Traffic" status messages, it was important that these highest level missives were disseminated as quickly and as widely as possible.

Today reminded of those days when an  important naval message would reel off the teletype. After a long nightshift, I decided to relax and catch up with my other UAE bloggers here in "The Dhab" and go to bed at 11 AM after a couple of stout rum and cokes. I noticed fellow blogger, Grapeshisa had an update and since this blog  has been around for awhile and is known for quality updates on life in the Emirates, I decided to see the what"s the hap.

Once there, I saw a link to There's No Country Like Abu Dhabi I clicked on it and found the song so satiric in a good way that I almost passed an ice cube from my nostril with laughter. Maybe you have to live here to understand. The ditty mentioned all the stereotypes but they got them really wrong. There were sounds of cobra-charmer horns and Talibans yelling through bullhorns. Abu Dhabi was never its own country either even thought that was repeatedly mentioned.  Desert flowers (not) and eagles (neither) were mentioned, too. All lies!

The band "Tex Glitter" sounds good and captures the West Texas accent and style very well, even though they claim to be Swedish. I doubt ABBA could match that. One word of warning: the Abu Dhabi Anthem was funny but some of the other songs on Tex Glitter's playlist you will see on their MySpace have a veeery strong adult content. You have been warned. If you are squeamish, click the back button right after the Abu Dhabi song. I learned the hard way :)!

Usually I ponder for awhile before I post on my blog. I want every post to be important and relevant ( I know, too late!), but this was my Flash Message for the day. Had to get it out! Click the link and enjoy!

Shukran, Grapeshisha for the find! Grapeshisha


ultra[blue] said...

For some reason I thought of Dorothy's red slippers when I read the title. Its 12:23... I didnt read the piece. I will tomorrow.

Alfalasi said...

Hey there,

I think the Abu Dhabi community would find this website useful, please feel free to share it :)

If it is at all possible, could you be kind enough to post it to the UAE community blog?

Thanking you,


玄雨 said...

Hello~Nice to meet you~..................................................

sebi_2569 said...

very interesant your blog; bravo

Ace said...

Probably best if you do that yourself. I have no influence with the UAE Community Blog. They have to review yours. I will take a look and recommend your submission if I can. Sorry!

Thank you very much! Join as a friend and/or follower and I will do the same with yours. I have some good stuff coming up!

abualmaty said...

yeah it' i enjoy its different, that is why enjoy it a lot.