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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Annual Leave

I have a date tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM with a very sexy gal. A gaudy, sleek, pearl-colored Airbus A340-500 four-holer that is going to take me back to my homeland. We are going to be together on a trip to New York City for more than 14 hours and I sincerely hope we don't get tired with each other.  I hope she can entertain me all that time as I tend to get cranky and restless. Hell, I don't even like to do anything that feels good for that amount of time!

Airbus A340-500

Cabin Crew, God love 'em!

Google Earth View of KJFK

Once we get to the Big Apple though, we will have to part ways. She will have to go back to Abu Dhabi and I will have to press on with her dowdy domestic sisters to Utah, U.S.A.. What was good across Europe and the volcano dust ridden atmosphere of the Northern Atlantic turns into a steerage experience across America in a usually grungy 30 year old aircraft with cranky Flight Attendants double that age.

Except for This One...a Vintage Photo...Coffee, Tea or Me????

Sexiest Airliner Ever Award goes to the Boeing 727

Geez, why can't the U.S. airlines even come close to matching the service and atmosphere that international airlines offer? I think it is the lowering of expectations of the American public. They want $199 fares coast to coast service while all the time demanding to be treated like Donald Trump. Kind of like paying for a Mickey D's Happy Meal and expecting Dom Perignon to wash the crap down your gullet. Get over yourselves! You want to get from Baltimore to Seattle? Pay up or shut up! Jet-A fuel is expensive!

Well hell yeah, then you can expect to pay $8 for a glass of water and $50 bucks to check your bags at those fares and don't bitch about it. I don't roll that way! Slip a buck in the lav too when nature calls! That is what you cheapos deserve. I believe Easy Jet has adopted this policy. You asked for it, you got it! Cheap Charlie fares ain't all that! Greyhound buses cost more now.

I think airlines should double their fares. The planes may be less full but the passengers that can afford it would be of a better behavior, the airline company will make the same money and air travel would be that much more pleasant. Like back in the old days Win-win!!!

I do blame the domestic airlines for catering to that attitude, though. They are somewhat responsible. It's all about market share and keeping the shareholders, not the passengers, happy. Massive fail!

Anyway, I am going to be in the land of The Great Satan for three weeks and  I will report on how it feels for an expat to be back in the U.S. after over a year of being away. Hint, I don't miss it yet! I do miss my family and friends, though.. More to come when boots are on the ground!

My initial destination is one of the most beautiful places on Earth:

The Reservoir

Cool Sunset

Rare Snow

My Favorite Pastime and Machine, I spent many hours out in the desert on this bike!

Always, thanks for reading and being my friends! Frequent updates are promised!



Misalyn said...

:) Enjoy your holiday Ace. Have a safe trip.

Dave said...

Ace, you and I are both departing the land of sand for a while.

Except that I am not going to my homeland..... I am actually visiting your homeland via EK ex Dubai next weekend..... maybe I'll run into you.....

Ace said...

Misalyn: The good you do more than offsets the bad I do. So there is a net gain! I admire your dedication to helping people! I can tell you are sincere. You would do your job for free. You have my admiration! Thanks for reading my scribbles!

Dave: PM me and maybe we can get together for a beer or four!I will be out west for awhile, then back east if the IRS doesn't nab me first!

ultra[blue] said...

Geez, why can't the U.S. airlines even come close to matching the service and atmosphere that international airlines offer?

I remember as a kid when my father was stationed in Tokyo, we would often fly Asian airlines... THOSE were (Im not sure if they still are) God's gift to flight in terms of service. Etihad and Emirates are nothing compared to those.

Then again I was a 9 year old in 1st class so the fresh cookies and hot chicks squishing my cheeks were enough for me to give them a 10/10.

Have a happy holiday sir. Hope you actually want to come back. lol. You have though, jumped the gut a bit, as HELL isnt til July, you will be here for it! MUAHAHAHAHA!

Ace said...

You are indeed fortunate to have your your cheeks squished by some hotties, I forget what that feels like! Sigh!

It may surprise you that I will actually miss the UAE. I like living here and am glad to be a productive resident.

From the outside looking in, my home country seems expensive, dangerous and way too involved in other's business, but I am still a patriot. I hope we can someday recover our spirit and leave others alone.

I am not holding my breath, though. I will be back! Like it or not.

Neil Roberts said...

Enjoy Ace, I know you will!

Ace said...

Neil: Cheers mate!!

Chuck said...

Hope you have a smooooooth trip home.

Anna-Lou said...

A big party in your flat is announced for tomorow... No, I'm jicking, don't worry :) ENjoy your trip and send me a postcard !

hemlock said...

hope your holiday makes you feel alive again.
have fun =) (and remember, you have nothing to lose ;)...)

Alias said...

Have fun :] [jealous]

then again ub the only contact you had with hot chicks are on a plane or computer;)