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Monday, March 22, 2010

Ode to Dust!

Sandstorms are a common occurrence here. View out of my window.

Damn Dust!
In my eyes and in my hair
And other places I dare not share
Fouls my couch and fouls my chair
I’d trade my Kingdom for some clean air

Damn Dust!
Always filthy is my car
In the summer one can’t see far
I know I can’t win this war
I just want to hole-up in a bar

Damn Dust!
Covers my clothes and covers my floor
Intrusive clouds when I crack my door
Open the windows, in comes more
Pisses me off to the core

Damn Dust!
Makes me have to clean each day
And I just ain’t made that way
All my efforts to do what may
Is never enough to keep it at bay

Damn Dust!
Between my teeth I feel the grit
Pardon me if I need to spit
More of this and I’ll have a fit
I just had to pick this nit


Dave said...

Damn Dust!

And in my house I have to stay
Blogging blogging all the day
Once again I have to clean
So I can see my 'puter screen

Anna-Lou said...

Dammit ! With my angry face :)
Nice poem by the way ahah

Ace said...

@Dave...Haha! let's keep it going! I feel your pain!

@ Al...Dammit is right! The stuff is everywhere!

Neil Roberts said...

Damn Dust!

Guy driving with hazard lights blinking
Speeding blind without even thinking
Everyone else is taking the brunt
For his stupid driving, the ignorant.......

errr.... I'll understand if you don't want to publish! :-)

Ace said...

It is OK Neil...Starts with a C and ends with a T! Very descriptive!

Chuck said...

I remember some nasty dust storms from when I lived in Phoenix. It was like a wall of brown approaching. Hope your "dust season" is not too long there.