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Monday, March 15, 2010

Abu Dhabi Cocktail Club

Cocktail Club

I was watching Fox News (fair and balanced---we decide) one day in January and instead of the constant commercial breaks that tout pharmaceuticals, food /diet aids and cosmetics back in the USA, we get the Fox News Extra to fill in for the commercial time outs. These vignettes are usually 3 or 4 minutes of an automobile test, a musical interlude, celebrity reports and other things of passing interest instead of the aforementioned commercial crap the unfortunate viewers in the US are exposed to.

The particular Extra I saw featured an interview with the creator of He explained how his website provides a venue where like-minded folks can start a social group. It sounded like a good concept so I went to the WWW to check it out. Lo and behold, I found a few groups in Abu Dhabi.. The one that caught my interest was the Cocktail Club. I enjoy a pint now and then and being a social animal, it seemed to be a good fit.

I joined the group and nervously cabbed it into the city for the inaugural meetup at the Royal Meridian Hotel downtown. When I first met others in the group there, I was pleasantly surprised! There was a good cross-section of expats and all were very open and fun-loving people. Everyone was in a good mood and I met some great people! I felt comfortable instantly. Although I enjoy hanging with my co-workers, it was refreshing meeting folks from other backgrounds and vocations.

The group has since had another Meetup at the One 2 One hotel and that was a success, too. I ended up with a cool ashtray obtained by somewhat dodgy means!

Prized Ashtray

Thanks to Victoria for the concept and execution. She has done a fine job! I recommend all fun-loving people in Abu Dhabi to check out the group at: Cocktail Club



Dave said...

On the lookout for the next Mrs Ace???

Ace said...

Although one ex-Mrs. Ace is more than enough for any never know!

Ace said...

Being a romantic fool, I could get smitten again and forget all my previous "Lessons Learned"!

Neil Roberts said...

"Acquiring" ashtrays is done in the UK by what we call "chavs"! :-) look it up...... I think maybe Trailer Trash might be an equivalent .... but of course I don't mean you.............. :-)

Ace said...

Neil, I know what chavs are and copping ashtrays from overpriced venues is probably low on the list of their mischief scale.

I am a redneck at heart and I like simple pleasures such as stealing ashtrays that catch my fancy.

hemlock said...

stealing ashtrays... my hero!

Ace said...

Wow, tough crowd!! In my defense, the hotel most likely gets them free from the Marlboro Company and the venue got a free mention in my blog... for whatever that is worth!

I did spend a lot of money there and was generous with my gratuities.

I am no Indiana Jones but I like to take a walk on the wild side occasionally .....Har!!!!

Ace said...

Hemlock...I can get you one,too!

Chuck said...

I've joined some meetup groups where I live but I haven't been very active with them. Sounds like I need to give them another try...or at least find a venue at one of them where alcohol will be served.

Scarf Girl said...

I am late to this stream I realise but feel I should come to 'Ace's defence. We did actually ask a waiter if we could buy the ashtray to which he responded by providing us with a bag to put it in and instructed we hide it. The theft was a moral one :)