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Friday, January 8, 2010

Shameless Plugs

As many of you know, I scribble out a monthly piece for Abu Dhabi Tempo Magazine entitled " A Yank in Sand Land". I do it for fun because I like to write and express my warped view of the world. I suspect I notice things differently from most people as even a simple run to the grocery store gives me a treasure trove of ideas to write about. The blog you are reading now was created in the same spirit. This is an outlet for me to depressurize and keep on an even keel without the need for meds. Because I live in Khalifa City (a developing suburb of Abu Dhabi) I have plenty of time to indulge. You would have to reside here to understand, it is not called the "Moonbase" for nothing!

Ask for Abu Dhabi Tenpo at popular venues around the Emirate. It is a handy pocket size and sports a detailed map with all the hot spots listed. Trust me, you will need a map in Abu Dhabi! You may want to hang on to the copy you get as January marks only the fourth issue ever. In the future, a pristine copy may fetch enough on eBay to bankroll your retirement!

Also, a pleasant surprise greeted me yesterday when I was doing some catching up with my fellow bloggers.  I discovered this post from the erudite Neil of Neil and Caz in Abu Dhabi fame! It seems that both of our blogs were featured in the "Pick of the blogs" (mine's the one in the middle) feature in Time Out Abu Dhabi magazine this month.  I will have to go out and buy a copy of the magazine as the feature is not included on their website as of yet. My complete story that caught Time Out's attention is here.

I admit it is very satisfying that my blog is noticed although I would write it anyway even if I knew nobody was reading for the entire first year. If my brain farts happen to entertain, amuse or even anger some readers, so much the better, I've done my job!


Dave said...

I missed your initial barber blog as I was travelling, but there is no doubt your fame is multiplying!!

Once you have had an ear-wax job tell your barber to go the nasal waxing as well... you haven't lived until you try it.

Your references to getting a haircut in the US reminded me so much of the movie Gran Torino whereby Clint Eastwood's character has to actually 'teach' a young south-east Asian the manner and method to converse with the local barber... brilliant!! I must ensure a barber style haircut when I travel to the US.

Ace said...

I would liken nasal hair waxing to a Gitmo waterboarding session! No thanks!

The ear thing wasn't so bad. The pain was sudden and intense but quickly turned into a mild sting for awhile.

I don't know how the ladies do it with their Southern regions, I would find it hard to walk afterwards.

Gran Torino was a great movie that I identified with. Old school barber shops in the US are getting hard to find. If you chance upon one, they are a de facto men's club and you get a good haircut at a cheap price with plenty of opinions and good company without female interference. They have their own places. We need a break from each other on occasion.