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Friday, December 18, 2009

Haircut Adventures....Again!

Any resident in a new country and culture has challenges in discovering how simple day-to-day things are done. This includes grocery stores, dentists, doctors, traffic laws and personal grooming. The personal grooming, mainly haircuts, for us guys is probably the most difficult. There are hundreds of “Men’s Saloons”  in the city of Abu Dhabi but I live in the suburbs and the choices are slim.

I recently posted about going to a local barber and was asked if I wanted a scalp massage in addition to the trim. As one that will try anything once, I agreed and was treated to what I would call a handful of pink axle grease worked into my hair. At least it washed out!

A few weeks ago, I decided to try a barber in a nearby 5 star hotel. The barber did a good job and was friendly. At the end of the haircut, he noted that I had some stray hairs in my ears and suggested he “wax” them out. Again, being the adventurer that I am, I consented.

I felt him put some warm substance inside both of my ears and after the heat subsided, I felt a sharp pain in my right ear followed by the same in my left as he ripped the wax, and wayward hairs, out. The sting lasted for 20 minutes but was not all that unpleasant.

I now admire people who get more “sensitive” and much larger areas waxed. 

In the US, I went to a traditional barber and knew what to expect when I settled into his gold metalflake chair, a trim and bitching about the government with him and the other guys that were waiting. There were old hunting/ fishing /car/motorcycle/gun magazines to read while you waited as well as conversation with the crusty regulars. A real guy's place. My barber's name is Cliff in St. George, Utah USA and his shop is on Bluff Blvd. Go see him if you are in town. Haircuts and opinions.....$10.00.

Cliff never offered me a Brazilian ear waxing although I obviously needed it. That's where I thank my newly found barber in Abu Dhabi.


Anonymous said...

Its much the same thing here, you need to be able to converse in urdu or broken Urdarabiclish (its a term) if you want to.

Basically Mr. Ali, my pakistani barber, bitches about how corrupt Pakistan is, while the Mutawa, another one of the barbers bitches about how Bin laden has given everyone with a long beard (like him) a bad name, I bitch about my government keeping secrets and we all bitch about the heat or the lack of parking and the fact that westerners dont tim well (to the barbers).

Its actually very therapeutic. I sometimes sleep through 1/2 of it. It's one of the last places where men can be alone without the nonsense of women! (dont tell firefox I said this)

Next time opt for the "face cleanser" where they blog 2 to 4 different types of goop on your face, rub it in, let your face "steam" for about 20 minutes, and then wash it all off. Or "threading" where stray hair is taken off by use of a thread between the barber's teeth and fingers!

Good luck.

Ace said...

ABIT, I guess we guys are all the same when it comes to saloons/barber shops. It is the last bastion of male bonding. Utah or Abu Dhabi, the same things are discussed and we guys have a few minutes of peace without the women-folk interfering, just like them in their own saloons.

I am up for all new experiences so the face cleanser and threading may be a subject for a future blog.

Take Care!!!

Anonymous said...

True. Even in Arizona, the barber I went to was an old Hispanic man, Same stuff, different place.

My fiance asks why I dont answer her when Im at the barbers... lol, I leave my phone in the car!

Men and our habits, are the same every place I've lived.

Chuck said...

I just had a chance to try a "waxing" here locally (it was part of a package haircut deal that I got) but I decided to skip it. Sounds like I made the right call on that one.

Ace said...

@Chuck: I hope you weren't offered a "weiner wax" as part of the deal. If so, you were in the wrong kind of barbershop and were wise to decline!

@ABIT.... I have a serious question to ask you and need your opinion....
I will PM you if I can.

Chuck said...

Ace - LOL. It was a choice of an eye, ear, or nose waxing, none of which I needed.