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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Abu Dhabi Formula One Construction Update

It has been 3 months since I posted a photo of the construction of the Yas Island Formula One venue from my apartment balcony. At that time I questioned the progress so far and speculated that exceptional efforts would be needed to have the facility fully functional by race day on October 30th.

Attached are some new photos that I took today. Although the details are hard to see through the ubiquitous Abu Dhabi Summer haze, I tried to get some different angles. The part of the hotel that spans the track seems to be completed and some of the white fabric features are up over the Southern grandstands.

I will let you judge for yourselves, but with three months to go until race day, I can imagine there is a fair amount of stomach antacid being swilled in the construction managers' Porta-Kabins!

The first photo shows an overview.

The second photo shows a detail of the Support Pit Grandstands with the hotel on the right.

The third photo shows a detail of the South Grandstands with the hotel to the left.

The road in the foreground is the main Abu Dhabi-Dubai motorway.

I would like to attend the event, but with 2 day tickets starting at a cool $420 USD, I might have other plans. I could live like an Emperor at a NASCAR race for that kind of scratch!


Neil Roberts said...

Well it better be ready, 'cos I do have tickets for myself, Caz and two of my brothers coming over from the UK! I know it is pricey, a lot more than I have paid previously for the British Grand Prix. If F1 one is your thing, and it is mine, then the cost isn't really an obstacle to being at the inaugural AD Grand Prix. And anyway... how can you compare it to Nascar! They just go round and round in circles! :-)

Ace said...

I have never been to a F1 race and was wondering if tickets were usually available for one day/general admission at these events.

Being a petrolhead, I enjoy most all motorsports and would hate to miss the opportunity to see a F1 race in my own "backyard". I will probably spring for a ticket anyway. One only lives once!

Another concern is if beer will be available at the race. I refuse to attend a motorsports event if beer is not on tap!

I have been to many NASCAR races and as you say it is "floor it and turn left". But you can see the whole track and some of the antics are entertaining, from both the drivers and the fans.

Sadly, the best days of NASCAR are behind it. The golden days were in the late 60's and early 70's when some of the "outlaw" aspect still existed.

Neil Roberts said...

You can get day passes at other venues,but Abu Dhabi has a minumum of a 2 day ticket. I think there may be a few left... not sure about the beer issue... for the rugby 7s in Dubai you can get beer (and lot's of it!), so there is a precedent for a large sports event. I know however the for the Bahrain F1, they don't use Champagne to spray over the winner, but some kind of fizzy fruit juice!