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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Gloved One

I have been watching on-and-off the news coverage of Michael Jackson's demise. In my opinion, he was one of the most talented, versatile and creative entertainers that I have experienced in my life and I give him unabashed credit for that.

On the other hand, he was a loner that abused drugs, kids, power and the freedom to have plastic surgery. To me he was constantly trying to put his blackness behind him as if he was ashamed. He lied about the skin bleachings by saying it was a skin condition. As it turns out, he had his three kids by artificial insemination, the sperm came from Caucasians and was implanted into white women. Apparently MJ did not want black offspring. In light of these revelations I am surprised at the U. S. black community embracing him now in death as one of their own when MJ so blatently tried to distance himself from them for almost his whole life.

It is sad to note that Michael Jackson's strange lifestyle was in large part due to his being robbed of his own normal, innocent childhood by a violent, greedy and manipulating father. At the end of the day, MJ's adult problems can probably be traced to his father, Joe Jackson, who considered his youngest son to be his personal ATM. Google images of Joe, he looks like Satan incarnate, he's a scary looking MoFo! MJ's will left not a penny to Papa. That says alot. Michael's longing for time with children, Neverland, Bubbles the Chimp and general escape from adult life was a desparate attempt to regain the chilhood he never had. I am not a psychologist but I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Michael Jackson was a great entertainer, but that's all he was, a court jester. Yes, he helped organize the "We are the World" circle jerk some decades ago and they raised a lot of money for hungry people but the entertainers went home in their Gulfstreams when the stage lights dimmed and didn't much give-a-damn where all that money went. Most likely the well-meaning cash from the innocent benefactors lined some tin-horned dictator's pockets and the food never got to the starving citizens. The dictator got a new Mercedes fleet and the entertainers slept well in their Bel Air mansions with a feeling of "giving back" and everyone was happy. M. J. blew through his own millions like a drunken sailor and died leaving tremendous debt. Some hero and role model for our kids, huh?

That is the problem in the U. S. today. Michael Jackson was a child and drug abuser yet his death from a drug overdose gets more coverage than the moon landing. He was a SAINT, don't you know? !?! Sure he had some problems that were due to an effed-up childhood but does his life and death warrant all this attention? Maybe a lot of the coverage is a distraction to the dire economic futures people have in the Republic. Maybe it is the deifying of celebrities because our own lives are so meaningless and boring. Maybe it is the ongoing feminization of America where the tough issues are ignored in favor of emotions and "feel-good" diversions (boy, will I get in trouble for that one!) re: Oprah, The View, Dr. Phil, Nancy Pelosi, Rosie O'Donnell et al.

Three question Michael Jackson quiz:

1. I would have let Michael Jackson babysit my children overnight without reservation.
Yes or No

2. The fact that Michael Jackson lived on this Earth at the same time I did made my life better.
Yes or No

3. Michael Jackson was a great singer and dancer.
Yes or No

Best 2 out of 3, no cheating! Now tell me again why this guy needs two weeks of hysterical news coverage! I enjoyed his music but I would not have cared to share a few beers with him. Just my opinion and you all know what that is worth.

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