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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thoughts on the Obama Inauguration

I had a day shift today so I got to see the Inauguration on CNN tonight in primetime-7P to 11P local time.

Barrack Obama was not my first pick to be President, but neither was John Mc Cain. I tend to vote third party as I have not been very excited in the direction our Federal Government has been going in the last few decades. I tend to be a more strict fan of the original founding father's Constitution and vision of the United States than the majority of politicians of recent history. 

That being said, while watching the ceremonies I was very proud of of how the Constitution does work. The peaceful and dignified transfer of power is a cornerstone of our Republic, and it does my patriotic soul good to see it in action. By the will of the people, Obama in-Bush out. The law of the land, no questions asked, no undue drama.

In the part of the world I currently live, the changing of the guard does not happen so easily. Every week there are news reports here of violent power struggles in nearby countries that usually end up badly for their innocent citizens. That is not fair. Being a U.S. citizen on the outside looking in at our civilized way of doing this makes one very appreciative of the the system we have. No riots, no bombs, no bloodshed.

I work with a diverse, multicultural crew and was asked a lot of questions today about what would happen on CNN when the Presidency changed hands. Some of the people were from countries that things weren't so nice when events of this magnitude occurred. I told them to go home, watch the coverage and prepared to be mildly bored. I was confident it was good advice. I wouldn't want it any other way.

I wish the new President well though. Maybe a fresh breeze in D.C. is just what we need. My fellow citizens expressed their desire for change. Sometimes though, you gotta be careful for what you wish for, you just might get it. He inherits a tough situation. Take it from me, the "World" loves the guy. I hear it everyday. I just hopes he doesn't feck-up a good opportunity. 

I really did snicker though when Obama "brain-farted" the oath of office. Talk about deer-in-the headlights look, it was a classic!

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Roger said...

FPDIB also commented on the inaugural. Great minds think alike.