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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Someone Reads This Blog

Who says managing a blog doesn't have it's fringe benefits?

I saw this on the comments page a few days ago and at first thought all my efforts of dragging my net throught the vast seas of cyberspace had paid-off in spades!

Here was a woman who I could run through grassy fields with hand in hand. We could take long walks on the beach at sunset and talk about our future together over candlelit dinners. I could introduce her to Mom! We would be soulmates forever.

But it was not to be, my heart shattered into a million pieces when I clicked on the "gooooooood girl" link and and was abruptly greeted with the "This Site is Blocked" logo from the U.A.E. Ministry of Porn.

I think I will get a tattoo next week that says "I like your blog......" . I won't tell you where, but I expect it will hurt like hell!

The Honeymoon is Over indeed, but there are always those International Ladies of Goodwill that are available downtown that will take the edge off the pain for a small donation.

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