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Sunday, April 3, 2011

FAI Race at Yas Island

I usually don't post twice in one day but I am in a writing mood and wanted to get this done. I went to this race two weeks ago. The venue was the the Yas Island Marina Circuit which is just a few KM's from my humble abode. When I first moved here, it was a wasteland, everything was under construction and just to get a loaf of bread was an ordeal. Now Khalifa City A as it is known has come into its own. I rarely have to venture into the city anymore.

There are world class hotels in this area now and the Yas Island complex is home to the Formula One race and many other automotive events.

This will be mostly picture is worth a thousand words!

Ferrari World Theme Park, I am not Kidding! Landscape Pending

Roller Coaster at Ferrari World
Yas Marina Circuit

At the Racertack

The Pits

A Dragster Built for Three, Who Would have Thunk?
One For the Kidlets!
Can we have have that in English? Damn!

Some Attention Seekers, It worked!
Looks like the good Captain is in danger of losing his First Mate!

Some Nice Ladies at the Info Booth
Twilight at the Track

A Yacht Show was running Concurrently

A Million LED's

A hell of an Engine you will not find in your everyday Kia. That would be overkill!

Where your $4/gallon is going.

 Damn, left my checkbook at home again!

How the Other  Half Lives

Note the cubby-hole for the Jetski.

Racecars and yachts made for a good day, I enjoy the choices I have here.


Neil Roberts said...

Great pictures...nice one!

Ace said...

Thanks Neil!There is a lot to do here. I think I am turning native!

Chuck said...

Nice pics! That yacht does look quite sweet. Ah well, a man can dream, I suppose...

Yas Hotel said...

The Yas Marina Circuit looks amazing. I can't wait to visit the Yas Island in Abu Dhabi this summer and to see this famous circuit.