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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Now Libya.....

I thought the Colonel had things under control over there. I am wrong!!! Two Libyan Air Force jets defected to Malta rather than firing on their own people, good on 'em!

Geez, who's next?

Iran is behind all this stuff.

Very sad about the four Americans killed by pirates, looks like time to kick some Somali ass! They can't get away with that. Murder, pure and simple and the scumbags must be held accountable. They fucked with the wrong people and I hope justice will be swift and sure.

Maybe a few well-placed smart bombs will persuade these goddamn animals from doing this again, but I doubt they will get the hint.

 Eye for an eye

Turn their country into a parking lot, why are these piss ant pirates getting over on us. Attack and sink any boats that leave the ports.

I would like to see  an airsrike on that shitty country, I am upset with the murder of my fellow countrymen.


superstar racing said...
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Ace said...

SR, your blog is great but microbiology and genetics are way over my head.

What kind of car do you drive, now that we could talk about that!