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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Road to Morocco

I would like to ask for some help from my readers on behalf of a friend. She is a university student in France and has entered a contest where she has created her dream adventure. The idea is to have the most comments on her chosen itinerary. Currently she is in second place with almost 200 comments so there is a good chance we can put her over the top! Go to this website  It is in French so use the translate feature in your browser, then leave a comment at the bottom, its that easy! The winner will get a trip to Morocco. Below is Anna-Lou's dream adventure:

Anna-Lou Prepared to Carve some Trails on her Mountain Bike

My itinerary is not yet fully defined, but I know I want to see:

Yemen: Yemen's capital, Sanaa, go to the university there, interact with students (I myself am a student), then I would bury myself in the land and go wadi wadi (Wadi Dhar Wadi Doan etc. ..), from village to village ... Visit the towns of Seyun Al Joola, Al Khoreiba, Bukjan, Mukalla, Bir Ali, Aden, Jebel Sabir, Taiz, Zabid ... Climbing the Jebel  Hadour Maswar!

Then join OMAN:
Salala Sur, Masquat, Dibba, Musandam ... 'll Also wadi wadi, meet local people, swimming with dolphins, see the turtles in the south. Climb Jebel Shams and sleep under the stars!

As a young student in multimedia and sensitive to what is unusual, this corner of the world attracts me a crazy way. We hear so many things, often different from reality. I think it would be nice to show the true reality ... I have already spent a few days in Oman, but I was frustrated not able to see the country completely. There is so much to see! And Yemen attracts me a lot ... this country to look beautiful and much different from my native Chartreuse!

I realize that my trip might seem a little dangerous. That's why I like to do together, I'll make sure to find the best partner suited to my energy and boundless thirst for travel!
I really want to highlight the expertise and local traditions, to go to meet people. If I can achieve my dream, so ... wow!

I had the pleasure of meeting Anna-Lou last year when she was on a work-study program here in Abu Dhabi.  She impressed me as very intelligent, driven, fearless, and possesses a great sense of humor. I can't imagine anyone more deserving to win. Anna-Lou is an accomplished blogger in her own right so if she wins, she owes us a guest post and photos of her Morocco trip on this site.



Anna-Lou said...

Amazing Randy !! Thank you so much :) Hope you'll come back soon to Annecy. I have to show you the Chartreuse mountains !

Ace said...

My pleasure and I hope I can help you win. A visit to Annecy is in my future and I look forward to seeing you and the French Alps again. I felt really peaceful there, beautiful area!

Neil Roberts said...


Is Anna-Lou looking to do this on her own? I'm not sure Yemen on her own would be a good idea?


James said...

I have left a comment on the site for Anna-Lou and hope she wins the trip to Morroco

Ace said...

The contest ends on the 31st. I will let you know the results. Thanks for your comments!