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Monday, October 18, 2010

Adrien Brody Encounter

I went to a Q&A session the other day featuring the Oscar winning actor (The Pianist) Adrien Brody. He was promoting his new movie Wrecked which will premier at the fourth annual Abu Dhabi Film Festival. Wrecked tells the story of a man who crashes his car into a ravine and faces incredible odds to survive. The film was made in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Brody, the son of Hungarian-born photographer Sylvia Plachy and history professor Elliot Brody, grew up in Queens, New York and credits his mother (who was in attendance) for his ease in front of the camera. He accompanied her on many assignments for the "Village Voice". He expressed his continuing interest in independent film and relief that his hard work and fame allows him to bypass the usual auditions. He is glad to finally have the luxury of choosing the scripts he is interested in.

The Abu Dhabi Theater

The Abu Dhabi Theater

Adrien Brody was very relaxed and forthcoming during the 90 minute session. His eyes glazed over when a question was asked in Arabic but a set of headphones were quickly supplied for the translation. He was joined on stage with the principals of the movie.

Adrian Brody
Arabic to English Translation

Doesn't Anyone Wear Socks Anymore?

The Screenwriter

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