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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Resist Being Ordinary

This is sad in a certain way.


ultra[blue] said...

Exactly what life is. East, shit, sleep, die.

I dont want an unremarkable life, which is why I dont want unremarkable kids. Thus I have decided on a Porsche! They are remarkable, and make up for the fact that we humans are not. Nice find.

Ace said...

Good choice! the Porsche will not disappoint you, get pregnant, huff butane,or end up in jail and you don't have to to pay send it to university!

When it gets old, you just get a new one! U[b], you broke the code!

ultra[blue] said...

Sounds like you speak from 1st hand experience. Yet more proof that my choice is sound!

Porsche it is! new 911s coming out next year, white with black rims. a decal on the back saying "My kid isnt an honor student, it never got past the latex! But YOU dont have this!"


Chuck said...

My, that was somewhat depressing, indeed. I like the single life.

Neil Roberts said...

Sometimes in life you have to say "JFDI" .... work it out!

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