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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Roof of the World Part 1

Last week, I suddenly found myself with 5 days off in a row. Panic set in as I did not want to sit out the harsh Abu Dhabi summer in my apartment with no plans. It would have driven me crazy!

I always wanted to go to Katmandu, Nepal and I checked the airline loads. It looked good so I booked a flight and hotel. That's when things started to fall apart. I cabbed it to the airport two hours early as required and was promptly told by the gate agent I was not going to go to to KTM that day. The flight was full. Streerike One! I found this strange as there were 15 seats open the day before. I pleaded and begged to no avail. To add salt to the wound, I found out later the flight went out with at least one seat empty.

So I went back to the apartment to try again tomorrow. I got on the flight the next morning but it cost me a day, I would have to compress my visit. The next day I did gt a seat and after a relaxing flight, arrival in Kathmandu went smoothly, immigration was a breeze! Once outside the airport I was attacked by a swarm  of taxi drivers and I chose one because he seemed to have the best car. On the way, he offered his services as a guide, more on that later.

I was dropped off at my hotel and was pleasantly surprised at the level of luxury and customer service my eyes-closed choice had been. They couldn't have been better! The Everest Hotel. I unpacked and went to the 7th floor bar and enjoyed a double Jim Beam on the rocks to admire the view of the Kathmandu Valley. Sadly, I broke an eye tooth on a peanut up there which,as you can imagine put a damper on my excitement.
Steeeerike 2

I booked a Mt. Everest sightseeing flight the next day (0630 departure) so I went to bed early, My guide dutifully showed up on time and I was ready. At the airport, I checked in and proceeded to the waiting area and sat....and sat....and sat. Finally I asked about the status of the flight and was told it was cancelled quite some time ago. Dammit....! I walked out into the parking and was happy to see my guide and car still there. I told him it was an abort today and I needed to return to the hotel for some shut eye and he could pick me up later that evening. Streeerike 3!

Cancelled Flight

So this trip is not going well, two airline bumps and a broken tooth, There is a lot more to come! Watch for part 2!

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