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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Avianova Airlines Commercial Provokes International Controversy

Being in "The Biz" I had to share this. Seems there is some kind of controversy over the advert. Why?? Avianova is the business of selling tickets and if this works, good on 'em, I am sold! Looks like a fun airline which is sorely needed lately.

No reason for the "sensible shoes and plaid shirt" types to get their panties in a wad. Some folks have to loosen-up.  We all know that sex sells. Judge for yourselves.

Gotta love the symbolisms in the video! I challenge any red-blooded male to watch this video without a smile on his face.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow!


Chuck said...

I want to hire one of those F/A's to wash my car sometime.

Ace said...

I think these kind of adverts would actually help the U.S. airline industry a lot. Make if fun to fly again!

There are groups that are vehemently opposed to this kind of marketing though and we all know the squeaky wheels gets the grease.

Neil Roberts said...

I would definitely be a frequent flyer!

1m36sec is the best bit ;-)

Ace said...

I concur, mate!!!

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