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Monday, November 3, 2008


So, I decided to push the “reset button” on my life in the beginning of 2008. Don’t ask me why, I couldn’t tell you one specific reason. It just seemed that a combination of a stale marriage, a great but predictable job, the days blending into sameness and the realization of my own mortality mixed into that sometimes toxic concoction known as Middle Age Crazy.
I have always been a restless adrenaline junkie. I get bored very easily and start to look for the next bit of excitement, destructive or not. I have flown in military fighter jets, ingested dangerous illegal substances, wrecked motorcycles, picked fights , hung out with the wrong kind of women, drank way too much, gambled in many Nevada locations and generally tried to grab life by the balls.
I got separated from my wife because things hadn’t been working out for awhile. It was a mutual, cordial agreement. Believe me she will better off for it in the long run. She is a good woman and deserves better than what I had to offer.
Soon after that a co-worker suggested I apply for a position that was posted on the internet by a prominent Middle East airline that I might be qualified for. I took a look and thought “Why the hell not?” so I applied. Well, I got called for an interview (14 hr flight each way) and was eventually offered the job. I felt like the dog that always chased cars and finally caught one and wondered what to do with it now. The adrenaline devil on my left shoulder overrode the responsibilty angel on my right and I accepted the position, like I needed more stress in my life.
A lot of my friends thought I was crazy and that I would end up on a CNN video of my head being chopped-off by some black hooded, American hating Bin Ladin followers, hasn’t happened yet, knock wood.
So here I am in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates trying to live Life 2.0. My following observations may or may not be of interest to a lot of you but please read anyway as you may find something that applies in your own reality.
I want to chronicle the average American citizen’s experiences in shutting down his previous life in the States and moving to a totally new culture in the Middle East. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!


fearless said...

This is what I want to do as well can you help and tell me how to get a job in the middle east.

Ace said...

Read the rest of my blog and do some research. I don't know where you are, what you do or your current situation so it would be impossible for me to give you advice.

Things are tough all over including the Middle East. One could get lucky, though.

DuffyTheMan said...

Great blog Ace. I'll be mobilizing to Abu Dhabi from Denver, Colorado on February, 16th working in logistics for a major telecom there. Would enjoy sharing a tall one with you.

Darryl Ford

Ace said...

DTM....sounds like a plan....keep in touch!